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16) The check’s 0.01 and you split the check between two credit cards.

You get the credit card slip for .01 and your friend gets the one for . 17) You’re late for your reservation and don’t bother to call.

The waiter deducts the gift certificate from your total and you only tip the waiter on the remaining .

14) You tell the waiter you’re “in the business.” 15) You demand the best table on Saturday night even though you don’t have a reservation.

18) You make five reservations at five restaurants, pick one, and don’t bother to tell the others you’re canceling.

19) You’ve paid the check, you have your coats on, but you still won’t leave. ) 48) You’re so drunk you walk out with both credit card slips.

5000 people are operating under a similar delusion. ” 29) You drunkenly ask the waiter if the Bangladeshi busboy is a terrorist.

26) You ask if we’ll open on Christmas just for you. 30) You praise the waiter to high heaven but leave him 7%. ) 31) Even worse, you leave religious tracts instead of a tip. 33) You take twenty minutes to complete the wine tasting ritual.

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He had put the manicotti onto the table and was moving to get the salad when Gibbs bopped him lightly on the head in greeting. It was just a light tap to let him know he was there. " "Make sure Fornell labled the wine, then pour me a glass. After the first few weeks of insanity and occupational therapy, they'd settled into a routine. " "Flirt." Di Nozzo hung up on him and Fornell snorted, shaking his head. Of course, he'd outlasted the last two wives, so there was probably something to that. He just got in a few minutes ago." "How do you know it's not some burglar? Second, I know your car." Fornell stopped in the doorway. Suzie had been giving Tony cooking lessons in exchange for self-defense lessons. Fornell was old-school enough not to coddle him and Tony was overjoyed by that. "I'll start on it tomorrow after I get done torturing Mc Gee about the dictation program that doesn't like my vocabulary." Gibbs chuckled. Anyway, I have a cold case I'm looking at, can I bounce some ideas off of you? Might want to bring coffee as a libation." "Chai tea? Just in case we don't finish it off tonight." "Can I hire you? Her daughter was blind, happily married, and a professional chef. This sounded like something I could do, but I don't trust him like you do." Tony's nose twitched. "Nasty black coffee for Gibbs and chai tea with skim milk." "Now, if you brought dessert too, this will be the perfect bribe." Tony wrapped his hand around the cup. Do you have any idea how many negotiations it took to actually keep me at this desk as opposed to being shuttled off into filing? "I heard about Gibbs giving the HR department a dressing down. "I've got to meet with the director at 1300," he informed his friend. 34) You ask for the “big glasses” when drinking house wine by the glass. ” 44) You get mad that there’s a split charge and refuse to pay it. 35) You tell the waiter “you’ll take care of him” and then leave him less than 15%.

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